Sunday, 3 August 2014


Cold day down here, time to light the fire. Lovely meal last night at Bodhi Tree, as always, and I found it rather nice having a big wine glass full of ice in which to put my water. (I requested it because I dislike those bulky thick water glasses).  Mr Normal had a red wine (only one) and I found it a wee bit liberating not to have to be thinking "shall I order a 2nd wine?" or a third for that matter.  It just wasn't about the drinking at all, and it didn't matter if I finished my water or not.  I felt the freedom in that.  As I have done several other times lately when taking DVD's back or popping into the supermarket, going past the bottle shop and not having to think "I'd better stock up on the old Southern Comfort - make sure I've got plenty for the weekend, or week, or whatever....good old  'never run out' me!
I finished Jason Vale this morning.  Clever guy. Although as I've said there were a few minor things which I would question, or don't agree with, all in all it is a very helpful book indeed.  I think he is right.  We've kicked it to touch so why suffer? I am going to try next week to notice every positive aspect that affects me personally with not drinking. Big or small, I am going to notice them and be grateful for them.  Instead of the reverse, which won't help at all. I would be a total utter liar if I said I don't miss drinking. I do, it's only 2 weeks after all.  But I have learned a great deal since 2 weeks ago and I am really looking forward to being the me I am meant to be.  I have never drank tea or coffee in my life, simply because I don't like it.  I did drink some chamomile tea when I was pregnant but that was for sleep and was over 20 years ago.  Now I have some pommegranite and grape tea with my breakfast, and I even like it, and if anyone comes around who I used to drink with they will be offered a variety of teas, or coffee.  I will no longer buy beers and wine for guests.  It will be a bit of a dry argument around here.....haha....and once my friends realise that they may stop coming....but I know they are better friends than that.  They just don't know yet that I have stopped.
I'm looking forward to going to see my brother in the hospital this afternoon, then I will come home and make a nice meal and see if the kids and their partners want to come and eat it.  And I won't be half sloshed when they get here!! 
I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Sunday.


  1. I hope your brother is doing fine and you have a lovely ( booze free) family dinner.I have roast dinner under way too and look forward to seeing my kids who have been away all weekend.Warm fuzzies :)

  2. Try Kawa Kawa Fire tea. You may have to go to a specialised tea shop to get it, but its lovely. I love your idea of looking for all the positive things. Funny, we must be in synch because I have just written a more grateful post than normal. I too hope your brother is doing well. xx

  3. I've decided I'm not buying alcohol for guests either. They can bring their own. Enjoy your lovely Sunday.

  4. I'm 18th in the queue at the Auckland Library for the Jason Vale book! That is a great thing that so many people are evaluating their drinking right now - that revolution that Mrs D mentioned the other day really must be starting.