Thursday, 14 August 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great day and coping with the witching hour ok. I've got a nice lemon and lime and mint Mohito with heaps of ice, and soon I'm going to make a mushroom and blue cheese soup because I am craving it.  I did something very naughty today. I dashed into the supermarket to get a few things, and I said to myself on the way in No Chocolates. I have eaten a whole king size peppermint dark in a week, and I told myself that after that I would knock it on the head.  Well guess what!  Now I've got a whole assortment of treats.  I've got chocolate peanuts, that thin orange posh chocolate, a bag of jaffas and another block of peppermint dark!!  hahahaaaaaa....I kind of did the old "ah fuck it" and walked out of there justifying it to myself because it wasn't booze.  This just really shows what an obsessive, addictive and perhaps weak willed personality I've got.  I have never been a big eater of sweet things.  Now I eat shortbreads and chocolate biscuits as well.  I will try and make all that last me 3 weeks or a month, and then quit the sweet stuff (I hope)
I had a big alcohol dream last night, very real, I could even taste it. Bit of a worry!
I've had a very busy work day, and I'm in a bit of a muddle trying to finish some things off before I hit the kitchen.  I feel so hungry all the time now.  I still can't sleep very well at all.  I've been to the chiropractor today for my sore back, and I think it feels a bit better.  Yesterday I went to the dentist. Tomorrow the hairdresser. Saturday the Pub (just kidding).
Got visitors so over and out for now x


  1. Fuck it, just eat :). Deal with the sugar later, its going to be way easier than dealing with the booze. Enjoy your visitors, talk soon zz

  2. Enjoy your treats. I think my sugar cravings are settling down some. Perhaps you should share your booze dream. Enjoy your busy day, I have a busy one ahead of me too.