Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Happy to say I've made it to 30 days, for some reason that seems like a bit of a milestone.
I am feeling pretty good, but still getting used to it. Having busy work days and quiet early to bed nights and doing a lot of reading. Really pleased at how well the new website is going, and what a credit to Mrs D that is.  It is just excellent what she has started and it is attracting so many people from so far and wide.  It appears that this is very timely.  People seem to feel so relieved to have finally found a place where they are understood, and not judged, and can feel the empathy and compassion coming from all of us in the same boat. This has given them the springboard they have needed to take the big step they've been afraid to take.
I think it is particularly therapeutic to be able to write your feelings, or just write about anything at all.
I suppose for most of us it's that it feels so safe, even though we totally expose ourselves and our problems, it is from the safety and privacy of our homes. It is easy to find a few minutes to connect with others or just to read their stories, their slip ups and their triumphs.
I haven't actually got much to write about today so I will keep it short. I am very grateful for each and every one of us, for the promising and happy future we are allowing ourselves to have, by being staunch and sticking to our commitment to ourselves. I hope you are all having a happy day x


  1. Day 30 is wonderful. A great milestone. It really is awesome to a) be able to write and b) have this community isn't it. Stops you feeling like a boring freak! I read posts and blogs by you and others and think that you all sound cool and interesting ... and YOU'RE sober ... so maybe it is going to be OK! :)

  2. Let's all celebrate! I'm passing out the bottles of water!! Congratulations and here's to another 30.

  3. I just passed 30 days myself, and reading blogs like this one have helped me tremendously. While the people in my life are supportive, I just feel like I get this blank stare when I talk about how much better I feel and how my future looks totally different to me now. They nod politely and then change the subject. If it wasn't for this community, I'm pretty sure I would not have stuck with this. I want to thank you for putting your story out there. For those of us who don't really feel comfortable with the whole AA thing, this is a such an amazing tool for validation and accountability.