Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hello Blog World!  I'm looking forward to the mini-holiday I am taking this week with my partner. We aren't going to the Sounds any more because Portage is closed for refurbishment, so I got to choose the alternative and we are going to Peppers Resort in Tekapo.  It's great because my Mr Normal is a building Contractor and can use all his Placemakers points for the odd wee break, and it includes breakfast and 3 course dinners in the restaurants as well. I wish I could say I was starving myself to make up for all the yummy treats I am going to eat down there, but alas, I have been binge eating chocolate in the night! Every night!  I am still on the arsenal of choc peanuts, jaffas, dark peppermint and orange chocs I bought a couple of weeks ago, so happy to say I've not had to re-stock...... yet!
I seem to be a bit all over the place with my moods and emotions lately. Sometimes snappy and irritable, sometimes overwhelmed by how different my life is, sometimes real happy that I'm doing this, sometimes uncertain, and sometimes just flat, and sad. Last night inthegarage66 did a very powerfully honest post about his father, to which I responded, as did many others.  Afterwards I had my first big upsurge of tears for my father since soon after his death 27 years ago. I hope it was healing because it was intense, and I am not quite ready to look deeply at these feelings yet, as I thought I had got over them half a lifetime ago.  I guess I am just pretty raw and emotional right now.
It is great how many people are still joining up to the new website, I noticed Mrs D said we are just about overloaded as the web developers did not expect so much activity. Yay! They will just have to up their webby game I'd say.
Off now to buy some fancy treats to take away. Hopefully when I come back from Tekapo I will feel a bit more comfortable in my new sober skin.  Nothing like a bit of beauty and nature to keep one grounded.
Over and out for now xo


  1. yay for Mr Normal and his placemaker points.A little bit in response to your post.My fisherman is not a normie though he thinks he is.He also would not have called me an alkie or ever asked me to stop because we lead a productivelife, business,Self employed yadda yadda. So I am doing this for me and he is grateful I am not hassling him.he has cut down a lot but still drinks beer and wine daily.Except now because he's on school camp haha.
    I am feeling raw and emotional this week so just have to ride it out.Can't picture a wedding without booze so no wedding for now.Hugs to you Prudence and have a lovely break away xx

  2. Yes I really hear you Charlie. Hang in there. This whole thing has got to get easier and when it does you will just be shining and happy and confident, and he will see this, and start thinking about himself and his own issues. Big hugs to you, and I think you need to get yourself some serious new boots and new perfume and a new top (like I just bought in Ballantynes....ouch!) Hahahaaa Take care of yourself xo

    1. I agree Prudence,there are lots of good times to come.It will get easier and for now I will be a bit less social.Oh yes,treats! I will tell you a secret.I have booked into a beauty clinic next month.I have never spent money on my face ever.I am going to get some filler put in my lines around my mouth,This is less cost than 2 months wine. I won't tell the fisherman until it's done or he will try to talk me out of it by swearing I am beautiful and unlined ha ha. I bet the boots are gorgeous! I hope you're enjoying some nice treats while you're away.xox