Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Day 3 started well with a nice drive over to my house at Diamond Harbour to meet the EQC and Fletchers and the builder.  So that was progress, took about 3 hours and I am getting way more than I thought I was getting, including a new deck and all new exterior cladding.  So Yay for that. My newly sober self thinks the extras must be a wee reward coming my way for my positive changes. Ridiculous of course, but it is good that I can at least think what I want, even if I can't do what I would normally want to do right now.  I have just driven home from Riccarton, shaking, with very swollen and numb mouth, which is also full of gauze.  I went to an appointment  for a filling and she mentioned my top wisdom teeth have to come out. I opted to do it then and there so I wouldn't have to think about it, and then to do the fillings in a few weeks. I think I'm still in shock. I can't believe I just did that.  I look hillarious with my cheeks about twice the usual size. Ah well, I was told to rest up so I think I will stop answering the phone seeing as I can't talk properly anyway. If ever there was a real good excuse to knock a few back I reckon it would be right about now.  I am so glad that I don't want to, and I know how disappointed in my self I would feel if I just caved in on day 3.  So that's good because I wont. White knuckling? Gritting Teeth?  Hahahaa, at least I've got two less to grit!

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