Saturday, 22 July 2017


It's cold and raining this morning and the power has gone off. Last night the Takamatua beach road was flooded so I was stranded if I had of wished to get out, which I didn't, so that was fine. It is a pretty serious storm going on out there, a state of emergency has been called for Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, Timaru and Dunedin, much flooding and slips on some of the highways. At this point there doesn't seem much point in getting up, but when I do I will feel glad that I chose a gas cooker and have a gas fire as well as a heat pump. It will be interesting to see if I can light the fire without electricity as it stupidly runs with a remote that I think requires electricity to ignite. I shall find out soon.

I woke this morning with a strong sense of trusting my intuition. It was right out there in the forefront of my mind. Trust. You see I don't really know what I'm doing with my business, or my life and future right now. In fact I've been winging it in every way for so long now, with the goal being simply to build this home and make this move, which wasn't at all simple and has been all consuming for some time. Now that I'm here, and the purpose and goal has been achieved, it leaves me room to ponder what is next. I find it exciting to not have a particular plan, to be open to whatever feels right. I'm kind of over my caravan rental business, but after spending a good hour on the calculator yesterday, and even with the most optimisitc slant on the facts, it is clear to me that I can't afford to not continue it. I do not have a magic wand to wave (yet) that gives me a secure income, and the ability to live here with no money worries. That is the next goal I guess. The one thing I do know is that no matter what it has cost, coming here feels so good and so right, and although it will take time to adjust and to feel a part of a community, I am prepared for that, and I know deeply that I am in exactly the right place and at the right time of my life. This is very reinforcing, and a good feeling to wake up with today. And right this second the power has just come on. I am glad I used the time wisely by getting these thoughts down on my tablet from the comfort and warmth of my cosy bed, with the view to die for, even if it is all stormy and foggy and rugged out there, it's just another aspect of the ever changing character of the harbour.

Feeling lucky. Now to get up and sieze the day. I'll go for a wee drive and observe the damage around the area. I am probably still stranded I would imagine. Slips and road closures yesterday. Not much easing up overnight it would seem, and forecast to be relentless today. The house feels good and strong and safe.


  1. You could always looks into being a life coach, you have a strong message and you communicate so well. I know there is not a lot of money in those things here in the US though. Good to feel safe and cozy. My husband built our home and when a storm blows up it always feels good to know we are safe here. There is a certain pride of ownership that comes from raising something up from nothing. Enjoy dear friend. Reena from LS

    1. Wow! So nice to see you here Reena, and thank you for your thoughts and comments. Yes it feels amazing here, to have created my home on the land I grew up, inherited from my parents, and that my son has built it for me. My son who gave up drinking 18 months ago! YESS!!

  2. Hi. I am not such an eloquent writer as you. I saw your post and found it interesting. I too sit here and read the messages. As with you I don't feel as if they inspire me to not drink. Sometimes I add a comment and it seems to disappear into that dark hole you speak of.
    I followed one of your links and it lead me to an aspergers site. I have done a lot of study on the brain. I can't believe that nuero feedback hasn't made itself known in NZ. I ran a clinic for a while. But did not get many clients. Mainly I think because it took up the parents time. Much easier to hand your child over and go shopping.
    As for myself my drinking gets in the way of making my mind the best it could be. Anyway have a nice day. Cheers Tony

  3. Thank you Tony for your response. I have never posted a link to an aspergers site that I am aware of. I am not sure what neuro feedback is. Would it be like neuro linguistic programming perhaps? They have that here, I had a session once years ago to try to stop dinking. Haha went home and had a drink. I can be my own worst enemy. All I can tell you about stopping is that the clarity of the brain is one of the greatest things about it. It is very calming to know you are functioning at your best. Even if I have knocked off work at 2pm and am about to indulge myself with a movie in the big orange chair in front of the fire! Keep thinking about stopping Tony, and one day the desire for your life to be different will override your thirst for a drink...or two....or three....or 10! Take care of yourself in the meantime xo