Saturday, 3 June 2017


On Friday a truck took all the beds and some of the furniture over to the new house. It was the best day ever for me. I so loved it. To put my wrought iron day bed (that I designed and had made about 13 years ago) in the alcove designed specially for it was a real moment of my vision coming to fruition. I had a very good artist, Stephanie McEwan, paint a beautiful mural of white anemones amongst tree trunks, with some greenery and water on the two walls beside it. I love it. The main lounge wall was designed specially to house my 18th century round Chinese bookcase/shelves, and the feeling of setting it up and putting my lamp and art glass and other bits and pieces on it was the most satisfying fun I've had in such a long time. It really has been such a long time since I first started working with the architect to design this home, 4 years to be exact. It is difficult to describe what it feels like to be finally beginning to move in. 

I slept my first night in my brand new bed with brand new bedding, aaah bliss! and it's one of those beds where I can press a button and it sits me up to better take in my view. It will have the added bonus that I'll be all ready when I become a geriatric!!

Actually, there's the thing that's difficult to describe...... it is the feeling of permanence, the feeling that this is it, I have achieved it, this is my end game, my home forever. It is also a feeling of coming home, back to my roots, back to the land I was given, where I feel the spirit and the memories of my parents, and my childhood, which looking back on was so protected and secure and happy. I have a feeling of profound gratefulness. For the land. For the wonderful home that Rory has built me. For the fact that it is my son who has built it, which will always give it special meaning and hold fond memories. I am grateful for the process itself, which has had its stresses like any build, but Rory and I have maintained an excellent, loving and respectful relationship throughout.

After he'd left to go back to his flat in Duvauchelles, he turned up again about half an hour later to clean the windows in my bedroom so I could fully appreciate the beauty when I woke up in the morning. What a guy! I'll never forget that. Nor will I ever forget waking up yesterday morning in my new home ready to watch the dawn, and finding the side windows placed absolutely perfectly to see the mouth of the bay from bed, and the big windows at the end of the bed giving me the gorgeous tranquil view of a calm and still morning on the harbour. I had a few tears of emotion, of happiness, and relief that this huge project is nearly over, and that my home is everything I've imagined it would be.

I'm not actually moved in yet and it‘s not finished, there's still all the corten decorative cladding, the driveway and the landscaping to finish, but it is otherwise pretty much ready, so I've started the process of transition. A very busy month ahead, after which I hope to be settled in at Takamatua, with my house in Christchurch rented.

Booze would have added nothing to this project. Well it would actually; it would have added stress, strained relationships, worry, fear, short tempers, frustration, impatience, time off, self-doubt, lack of clarity, hangovers, and more money!! 

I'm so pleased I've learned to appreciate friends and family, life, love and laughter - without any toxic carcinogenic shit entering my body, dulling my brain, and giving me false amusement for a few hours. 

“No thank you, I don’t drink”!  Yee Haa!


  1. What a beautiful description of the precious first night. I am so glad you found the time or write about it amidst the enormity of organising everything. XXXX

  2. What a thoughtful and considerate man he is! What a magical experience. I totally pictured you and your tears of joy and relief. I am so very happy for you and in the nearly three years (seems longer) I have known you this has been your dream so how incredible to finally be there and be able to enjoy what you have pictured for so long. Love ya buddy. xx

  3. Wow, just wow, you so deserve all these awesome firsts as you set up your dream home, you have certainly put in the groundwork and paid attention to detail and all with love in your heart. A time to celebrate a huge success. Showing us how it is done, step by step. Thanks for being so open and sharing the wonderful, bumpy, exciting, journey.