Saturday, 11 February 2017


This weekend I've remembered the importance of self nurture and giving myself treats. In general in my life I am pretty good at it and always have been, I don't deprive myself of much. However, with so much on my plate for the last long while, I tend to forget to do the little things I love, like watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon, or driving somewhere beautiful and reading a book there. Or going shopping just for the sake of it. I think I've felt, and rightly so I guess, that in building my home I am giving myself the biggest treat possible so I should not indulge myself with the small stuff. Wrong! It isn't working! Yesterday I did something about it. I bought a lovely causal linen shirt on a half price sale that I will get heaps of wear out of, and I discovered Little Island Creamery chocolate and coconut ice-cream. It has sugar and fat and carbs and all the bad stuff but is dairy free, and it is to die for, it is beautiful and amazing and the best taste bud sensation I've had in ages. It is very hard to write about it without rushing to the freezer.

I think treats for us sober warriors are under-rated and easy to forget about in the busy hustle of daily life. After all, we used to think we deserved hours of downtime to indulge in expensive alcohol on an almost daily basis. Every day that we don't drink we are saving a significant amount of money, and even though that is not what this is all about, it does mean that we can afford to, and should, indulge ourselves in many little things which keep us feeling cared for and happy. 

I have felt unable to express myself for a while, so that's why this is just a simple wee blog about nothing much at all. And now, on this lazy Sunday afternoon, I shall choose myself a good movie, hopefully a courtroom crime drama, and perhaps have some chocolate coconut ice-cream while watching it. It's the little things. They matter.


  1. The little things Do matter. Small pleasures. Noticing the sunset. Listening properly to a child tell an excited tale when you have potatoes to peel. Kindnesses to people who serve you. All make us happier. I would like to eat ice cream with you and watch a good movie.xx

  2. Hey Prudence - Im new to sobriety, but even I can see I was using alcohol to 'treat myself'.....and as a punctuation to the week. I am entering my third month now, and I am able to distract myself with treats (not particularly inventive or indulgent. Spending extra time on dinner and not messing about with wine. A bubble bath with door closed on kids for example) but good to hear this is a tried and tested method. It really helps but I worry that it is my hedonism that got me into this mess in the first place.

    Glad to have found ya xx

  3. Hey Maccas, only just seen this, several months later. I hope you are still trucking along okay on the sober goat track. I found when I first gave up that pouring a nice drink in a nice glass with heaps of ice, mint, lemon, whatever, and having it on the bench while cooking was very comforting. It was like I still did the ritual but just different stuff in the glass. Funny thing too, I only ever had the one, unlike the previous life. Or sitting down at 5pm with a drink and a few olives and blue cheese n crackers. I truly believe we should treat ourselves real fine, as after all, we are doing a miraculous and life changing thing, and it is hard, and we are amazing, and we are SO worth it xo