Saturday, 17 September 2016


Last week I flew up to Tauranga and stayed with my very cool friend Charlie Gilbert, whom I met right here in 'blogisphere" when we both first started blogging after giving up alcohol on the same day, 20th July 2014. It's the third time I've been up to see her, and we met up once in Wellington too at the big gathering there in October last year. We've become good friends and we both know it is a lifetime friendship we will have. Since I was last up she has ended her 10 year relationship, sold out of her shared home, farm and business, and purchased and moved with her two children into a beautiful waterfront home in Tauranga with views to die for. Her Apsie teenage daughter has changed his name to Felix and is wearing man’s clothes, dyed his hair pink and got a nose stud.
She has founded a group and set up a very relaxed premises for educating quirky teens who do not fit into the school system, and it's going off, the teens, including Felix, are loving it and thriving, and it’s getting big attention from various agencies who simply cannot help these kids. There is a film crew there at the moment doing a reality documentary following one of the Tourette’s kids. I call Charlie the Aspie Whisperer. Other agencies already want to come and gawk at how it's done, but she won't allow her tribe of teens to be intruded upon in their safe space which they love. She's started another small enterprise at her home, doing a course for the teen girls on hair and makeup, clothes shopping and nail polish etc, and they all just love it, and love her, as do the parents. She also does respite day care in her home some days for an Aspie boy whose Mother needs a break. I am so very proud of her, it is a beautiful thing to witness such courage and ingenuity in the face of huge adversity. To watch a friend find her true calling, break new frontiers and thrive, is nothing short of amazing.
Watch this space. She will go far.

After staying a couple of days in Tauranga we dropped Felix off at Aspie school on the Friday and both kids would stay with their Dad for the weekend, while we went up to Rotorua for our long awaited weekend with three other Living Sober members at a big luxury Lakehouse at Ngongotaha on Lake Rotorua. What a phenomenal weekend. One flew in from Brisbane, one from Wellington, one from Dunedin. We were three ladies and two men. All of them the most fabulous and brilliant characters, and it was just beautiful to forge deeper friendships and to know and understand them all so much more. These friendships are quite unique in that there is already a powerful trusting bond formed from our communications on the LS website, so when we all get together in person it feels like old friends gathering, yet some of us hardly know each other. On the Saturday we had a few friends arrive for a big afternoon visit, all friends from the LS website, two from Whakatane, one from Taupo and one from MataMata or Hobitown, and Mrs D who was up in Rotorua for a big Addictions Conference. It was very cool to entertain them all in our lovely big warm temporary home, and we feasted and drank mocktails, and talked about our lives, our struggles and our triumphs, amidst much laughter and warmth. We enjoyed watching our resident Swan Whisperer, Phil, attracting about 20 black swans and many ducks with his bags of bread and left over curried egg and rocket sandwiches. I had such a wonderful time deepening these friendships with amazing people whom I love and trust, and I feel greatly enriched by the experience, and the privilege it was. We would all love to do it again.

Home to some tricky family issues taking place in my absence, but hopefully that will result in us all being more understanding, loyal and united as a family. It is beneficial to all to recognise and respect each other’s qualities, forgive the shortcomings, and celebrate our differences.

The roof is ready to go on my new house this coming week, it was supposed to be yesterday but the roofer has had to delay again. This is So exciting for me and it will be great to see the progress that will follow. The windows are ordered, the joiners measure up next week, the tiler was over there yesterday checking things out, and the drainage guy too, so there's plenty going on and sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I am really doing it, and that my son Rory is really building his Mumma's home, and doing a fine job of it with such excellent communication and patience with me, it is so appreciated. How many builders would be merely amused at a client who changes her mind about nearly everything at least six times!! What a lovely nature he has. We are all so excited and blown away, Rory and Georgia and I, that it really is a happening thing and soon we will have a lovely home in paradise to relax in and soak up the sun and views and the peace, whenever we want  for the rest of our days. I look forward to the patter of little grandbabies feet, and to all the love and laughter and promise the future holds for us all.

I feel the spirit of my Father on this land, I always have, and I know Mum and Dad would be proud of us all for honouring them and their gift of this land, by putting down these strong roots for our future generations. I am feeling so lucky and blessed.


  1. OH Prudence. Your view is just amazing. And the house is taking shape. It looks awesome. So great that your son is doing this for both you and him. It's something you will always share in... Rotorua sounded cool too. I've been thinking about that lately, the whole connections we are all forming on LS. All these people - regardless of gender, age, culture, world view - forming very real and beautiful friendships without (in most cases) knowing each other's identity. Your future looks so bright in that lovely spot!

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  3. Thanks Sober Man. For some reason comments often appear twice so that's why I deleted one. Yes the connections we are making are strong and true, and with no barriers. This bond we have is unique, it cuts out so much crap really, we keep it real. Whether we've been absolute train wrecks or quite high functioning, we all identify and have recognised the same problem, and done something about it, and we all know the courage and strength of character that this takes. I love the trust we all share, it's powerful.

  4. Thank you for writing this my friend.It's easy to discount praise but I truely am pleased with what I've done and I will try to keep adding to it and not consider myself a fake and a flake.It was a fab weekend in Rotorua and i look forward to visiting your new place xox