Sunday, 25 January 2015


I really do want to keep writing my blog but I always procrastinate and feel like I've got nothing interesting to say, so then I don't write anything and weeks go by and I feel even more hopeless about it.  So I thought if I got on here and just started waffling on, then something might spring forth.  Yesterday I had a nice afternoon in Diamond Harbour catching up with some long time friends who were visiting from Nelson.  A bunch of their old friends gathered in a little bar overlooking the Village Green and it was heart warming and fun to have the old crowd back together for an afternoon.  Most live there and stayed on into the evening with live music and dinner, but me and my two friends that came with me left in the early evening.  Right now I am trying to get the energy to get ready to go to a live music afternoon in a friend's back yard not too far up the road from here.  I am trying to take up any social opportunities I am invited to, good practice for sober outings, and I do not want to become too insular now that I am by myself and living alone.
I've recently passed the 6 month alcohol free mark and I'm feeling proud of that, and my resolve to continue is still well in tact.  It is getting easier. I am finally sleeping better, getting about 5 hours or so which seems to be enough. I feel great in the mornings and always ready for action and I am having long productive days. My business is very busy and I am coping with it all pretty well.
I've had my good friend staying with me for about 10 days and she will be here for another week or so, it has been great having her calm relaxed company and I will miss her when she's gone.
I haven't lost any weight in the last 6 months which is a bit of a disappointment, I only wanted to lose 2 kilos but can't seem to shake them off. Still feeling guilty about lack of serious exercise, (hence no weight loss) and still smoking. Oh and probably still having a bit much sugar but not a great deal.  I bought a juicer and have been having vege juices nearly every morning for a few weeks now. I add a bit of fresh ginger and fresh turmeric to celery, carrot, beetroot, spinach, cucumber and an apple. I love it and feel like it's going into every cell of my body when I drink it and that my body is thanking me.
All in all I feel like I have a long way to go, but I am being patient with myself, and I am very happy that I've managed to get this far down the sober road with no slip ups at all.  It is a Huge change after forty years of drinking. I might still have a few bad habits to quit and some good ones to take up but for the present moment I am liking my true and real authentic self without any props. I find it very easy to fill the time, the work week is very demanding and I am quite tired every day after work and happy to have early nights. The weekends are absolute bliss, especially Sundays like today, when I usually get a real break from the phones ringing constantly for enquiries and bookings. I love Sundays because for this one day I can do whatever I like, even if it is pretty much nothing but pottering around here in the garden or kitchen.  It is nice to slow down.
Well now I'd better rev up and get ready to go to this wee soiree garden party!!


  1. Congrats on six months, huge achievement! Wishing you many, many more happy relaxed Sundays. Would be lovely if the feeling of Sunday carried throughout your busy week.

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